Bible Baptist Temple

Because life is for service.

Welcome to the online home of the

Bible Baptist Temple

We are an independent Baptist church that seeks to serve the community in which we exist and the world at large by meeting the deepest and most primary need of all mankind, a deep and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to check us out both here on the web and in person. We believe you will find a congregation filled with ordinary people who have an extraordinary vision to love and serve others, especially in meeting their most pressing spiritual needs and concerns.


     Starting Sunday, May 24, 2020, we will be discontinuing use of the Virtual Sunday School. Sunday School will now be Live Streamed from church at 10:00 AM every Sunday and can be viewed on the YouTube Live and Facebook Live platforms.
Guidelines for services at Bible Baptist Temple

Guideline – a general rule, principle or piece of advice.

1. We ask that all those attending sanitize or wash their hands upon arriving.  We have one hand sanitizing station available in each foyer.

2. We ask that all those attending sit with their immediate family unit and practice physical distancing from other family units. Every other pew will be closed off.

3. There will be no greeters or ushers for right now.  There will be a locked donation box for the offering in the old foyer and bulletins will be available on the information desk in the new foyer to be collected by one family member.

4. There will be no nurseries, pre-school classes, or junior church at this time. Also, if you have been sick or have a fever please do not attend.

5. Face masks are recommended but not required for Sunday services. Note: Masks are to protect others from our droplets more than us from theirs.  So it can be more a matter of preferring and serving others than a matter of fear.

6. We will have a closing chorus for each service to help dismiss by section.  We ask that people move outside before each section is dismissed as to not congregate tightly in the foyers after the services.  Then you can greet others in the open outdoors spaces.

7. Again, all services Sunday School 10:00 AM, Sunday morning 11:00 AM, Sunday evening 6:00 PM and Wednesday evening 7:00 PM will be online and archived for viewing from home.  We are asking for now that to keep the crowd size down and to help with physical distancing that people attend according to the following schedule:

     * Sunday May 24th – Last name L-Z morning service – A-K evening service.
     * Sunday May 31st – Last name A-K morning service – L-Z evening service.

     Please note that if a ride or work schedule prevents you from a certain service you can come to the other, but we are just trying to keep the crowd size down at the start.  Remember, these guidelines are temporary and will be adjusted as appropriate. Our goals are not to take away your rights to attend any service but rather a request for all of us to willingly surrender some rights of choice for a time to protect and encourage others to be able to attend a service if they would desire.  We must each pray about and plan how we shall proceed ahead in these strange times; but we must all do it with the right spirit of faith and not fear, and by God’s grace without anger and anxiety. 

– Rom. 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
Pastor C.V. Madaus