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Date of Message Message Title Speaker Service
December 28th 2010Challenge to the Captive   Pastor Charles MadausWednesday Evening 
December 25th 2010Birthday Part for JesusPastor Charles Madaus  Christmas Service   
December 21st 2010   Christmas Traditions Pastor Charles MAdaus Wednesday Evening   
December 18th 2010Christmas at Home   Christmas Contata   Evening Service  
December 18th 2010Hear the Heavenly Hosts   Pastor Charles Madaus Morning Service Service
December 18th 2010   Scriptural EvidenceMike Wilhelm   Sunday School
December 14th 2010   An Appointed Experience Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening
December 11th 2010    Making the Message Known  Matthew Craig  Evening Service   
December 11th 2010   Seasons of Sitting   Pastor Charles Madaus   Morning Service
December 11th 2010Baptist DistinctivesMike WilhelmSunday School 
December 7th 2010An Inspirational Goal   Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening  
December 4th 2010    God's Christmas List    Pastor Charles Madaus    Evening Service   
December 4th 2010    Characteristics Of A Choir Member    Pastor Charles Madaus    Morning Service   
December 4th 2010  Epaphras  Mike Wilhelm    Sunday School   
November 30th 2010   Rejoicing in Companionship    Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening
November 27th 2010    Romans Road    Riley Craig    Evening Service   
November 27th 2010    Misery In The Ministry    Pastor Charles Madaus    Morning Service   
November 27th 2010    Summary    Mike Wilhelm    Sunday School   
November 23rd 2010   Where Are The Nine    Pastor Charles Madaus    Wednesday Evening   
November 20th 2010    History Of Thanksgiving    Pastor Charles Madaus    Evening Service   
November 20th 2010   How To Lose The Power Of God    David O'Gorman    Morning Service   
November 20th 2010    Faith For Revival    David O'Gorman   Sunday School  
November 16th 2010 #2 An Instructional Greeting    Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening 
November 13th 2010 Reasons To Praise Brad Cottrill    Evening Service   
November 13th 2010   Meeting On The Mountain  Pastor Charles Madaus    Morning Service   
November 13th 2010   Restored   Mike Wilhelm    Sunday School   
November 9th 2010The Church of Philippi Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening   
November 6th 2010    A Man in Demand   Pastor Charles MadausEvening Service
November 6th 2010Meeting On the Mountain  Pastor Charles Madaus   Morning Service   
November 6th 2010   God's PowerMike Wilhelm   Sunday School   
November 2nd 2010  An Instructional Greeting   Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening  
October 30th 2010The Ways of Gods Love   David Dilger   Evening Service
October 30th 2010   A Meeting On the Mountain   Pastor Charles Madaus   Morning Service
October 30th 2010   Trust HimMike Wilhelm   Sunday School   
October 26th 2010   The Challenge At Philippi   Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening
October 23rd 2010  Our Purpose   Paul Childers  Evening Service   
October 23rd 2010   Trusting God in Times of Trials  Pastor Charles Madaus   Morning Service
October 23rd 2010   God's Majesty   Mike Wilhelm   Sunday School 
October 19th 2010   The Character of Philippi   Pastor Charles MadausWednesday Evening   
October 16th 2010   Time to Shine   Pastor Charles Madaus   Evening Service   
October 16th 2010    Seated At The King's Table  Pastor Charles Madaus  Morning Service
October 16th 2010The Wicked   Mike Wilhelm   Sunday School   
October 12th 2010    A Challenged Communication  Pastor Charles Madaus   Wednesday Evening   
October 9th 2010 A Commissioned Congregation Pastor Charles Madaus   Morning Service   
October 9th 2010   Falsely Accused   Jason Wilhelm   Sunday School   
October 5th 2010  What Is The Nature Of GodRon Comfort  Wednesday Evening   
October 2nd 2010 When Prayer Is Not Heard  Ron Comfort   Evening Service  
October 2nd 2010  Share   Ron Comfort   Morning Service   
October 2nd 2010 Falsely Accused
Mike WilhlemSunday School